Get Involved

Christian Services works to connect those in need with church volunteers who are dedicated to helping. Whether it be through a church, through outside support or just a listening ear, Christian Services aims to spread hope throughout the community.


Find out how you and your church can get involved today. Volunteers are always needed and additional congregational partners help to better serve the community! Time spent bettering the community and helping those in need fills the soul with joy. 

There are ongoing opportunities for your congregation to put their faith into action.

  • Volunteer in the Christian Services Help Center.
  • Collect personal needs for one of our Compassion Closets.
  • Collect children’s clothing for Judson’s and Pilgrim’s Clothing Banks.
  • Have a household goods collection to replenish supplies at the Small Household Bank at Mt. Hope UMC.
  • Get involved in supporting back to school activities by collecting clothing and school uniforms.
  • Get a group of 5 or 10 to volunteer at Judson to help distribute clothing in August and September.
  • Collect “Good Night Moon” or other books for new moms in the Books for Babies Program.
  • Provide volunteers for a Head Start pre-school classroom or connect with a elementary or middle school.
  • Become a church that provides New Image or Quality Living Budgeting Classes to people who want to make changes in their lives. Christian Services provides training and support.
  • Support the Christian Services Help Center financially.

To find out more about what your church can do, call our office at 394-5413. Don’t wait, start giving back today and get so much more in return.

Monthly Collections

View our yearly calendar of collections and see when and where you can donate!

May is Emergency Diaper & Formula Month!

In our community there are many struggling families who care for newborn babies. In Lansing’s four county area, 15,107 children under the age of 6 live below the poverty level. That is an average of 2518 children born every year in our own community who live in poverty.

Diapers – These families include those like David, Amy and their children ages 3, 2 and 1. David’s job is seasonal and very slow in the winter months. This leaves them with a very tight budget. With two children in diapers, they use a lot of diapers! Usually they have just enough, but when one child got sick, the money went for medicine. When they called Christian Services, we contacted New Hope Church who dispatched their volunteer who lived closest to David and Amy. That same day the volunteer brought disposable diapers, and a few cloth diapers for future emergencies.

Formula – Another emergency situation that families face is running out of formula. The WIC office (Women, Infants and Children) is a government program to help with nutrition and education to support pregnant women and young children. They provide formula, as well as other food assistance, for these low income families. Sometimes, however, a baby eats more than is provided by WIC. Until WIC can adjust the amount given, the families often need assistance so they don’t run out. When WIC cannot provide extra formula, New Hope Church will step in and deliver help that same day.

Items to Collect
Funds to purchase diapers and formula

Deliver donations to: New Hope Church, 1340 Haslett Rd, Haslett 339-9000 (call for hours)
Please be sure to leave your church name with the donation.

Christian Services P.O. Box 22112, Lansing, MI 48909-2112