Christian Services

Churches working together to be a blessing.

Christian Services has been working for churches in the Greater Lansing Area since October 1981, helping them help their neighbors in need.

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Who We Are

Christian Services is a proven ministry that networks local church ministries across denominations to help people in their community. Through Christian Services, churches and church volunteers are mobilized to work together, along with community organizations and government resources, to provide coordinated assistance to people in need.

Who We Serve

Christian Services serves churches in the Greater Lansing area, helping them build their capacity to serve as Christ’s hands and feet in our community. We provide the necessary link between church volunteers and those in our community in need.

Christian Services Serves the Church by

  • Providing church leadership with tools to mobilize church members in serving others
  • Identifying ministry opportunities for churches to address
  • Assisting churches as they start new ministries by providing support, coordination and training
  • Offering churches the opportunity to avoid duplication of services and ensure benevolence funds are used as effectively as possible to assist people in need
  • Being a central location where the needs of the poor can be heard, verified and referred to churches with appropriate resources
  • Expanding the effectiveness of a church’s ministry by linking it with resources of other existing church resources and ministries
  • Advocating on behalf of local churches with local governments, agencies and charities to ensure that they are seen as an integral part in a meeting needs in our community

Our Mission

Christian Services works to mobilize and equip local churches to be a blessing to people in need in our community.


Help Line

(517) 394-5411

Services include: personal needs, clothing, household items, infant needs, resource information and other needs.

If you are in need of assistance please call our help line. Our dedicated volunteers take the time to help each caller, so please be patient and try back again if you don’t get through. Volunteers answer calls Monday – Thursday 9 AM – 3 PM.

We cannot take request for assistance in person, on our administrative line or via email. Please call the help line with all requests.

Administrative Line

(517) 394-5413

This line is solely for use by churches, volunteers and agencies. If you are seeking assistance please contact us via our help line at (517) 394-5411. Any calls that are not based in administrative needs will be sent to our help line. The Administration line is available Monday – Thursday 9 AM – 3 PM.

Request Help Online

If you are in need of assistance. Please read below.

In order to best determine what assistance may be available to meet your request, a short financial assessment will be done when we contact you. Please have your total household’s income and expense information ready at the time of our call.

We will do our best to contact you as soon as we can. Requests will be answered in order that they are received.

Christian Services P.O. Box 22112, Lansing, MI 48909-2112