How the Help Center Works

Requests For Help

Requests for help are received in the Christian Services Help Center either directly from a person in need or by a local church or agency that would like to refer a person in need.

Assessing the Needs

Trained volunteers from Christian Services congregations talk to the people requesting help to determine legitimacy and extent of the support needed. Volunteers also work to discover any deeper issues fueling the crisis. The volunteers and Christian Services staff determines what assistance the person has already received from agencies or churches and ensures the need is manageable and specific.

The Helping Church

Christian Services aims to serve responsibly. Therefore, if the need is manageable and specific but cannot be met by area agencies, Christian Services connects the person to the most appropriate church ministry or network church to meet the need.


Christian Services receives feedback from the ministry contact as well as the person/family that received assistance to ensure the helping experience achieved its goal.

Additional information